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Episode 84 – PowerFactor Show Team Shotgun Challenge

This is a fun episode! Steve has been setting this challenge up for a few months now and finally we got to the range to film it. It's a competition between the hosts of the show to see who dominates in the shotgun sports.

Our apologies to the folks who are listening into the audio only version, this episode is largely a video heavy one and makes more sense visually.

Hope you enjoy this light episode, we'll be back to scheduled competition programming next.

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  1. Nice job guys, I enjoyed it. I think Lok is one of those guys who is just going to be a natural with any gun he picks up, those guys drive me nuts. 🙂

    Steve, not that I’m an instructor level shooter by any means, but have you ever messed around shooting a skeet round where you focus on taking each bird on your half of the field? It’s a bit hard to tell from the video and audio sync but on station 1 and 2 it looked like the high house was getting pretty far away before you took the shot. It’s something the guy who taught me always harps about, and I know it’s one of Todd Bender’s key concepts. Just an idea… thanks for the video guys!

    • Hi John…thanks for watching. yeah, I try to break them around the center stake. I’ve been playing with low-mount on skeet recently and trying to apply some of Anthony Matarese’s techniques of mounting into the bird and matching the speed to improve my sporting clays game….so my timing right now is around the center stake. The video is a bit skewed in audio sync and position. The center stake is well to the right of that trap house. You can get a feel of its exact position if you look at Loke’s “over the shoulder” video at about the 17 minute mark.

      • Makes perfect sense Steve, I figured it was more the perspective of the camera and timing. And the mounting technique for sporties is a great idea.

        If the engineering side of your brain ever wants some interesting reading, you might check out King Heiple’s book called Master Skeet. It’s a pretty technical breakdown of the game and I learned a lot about optimizing my approach at each station.

        Thanks again!

        • Its funny you should mention Mastering Skeet…I ordered it 3 days ago from Amazon! 🙂 I was looking at the preview that Amazon has and went straight to the Appendix where he talks about angular velocity and perceived leads…very interesting stuff there….and it makes sense. Looking at those two curves probably explains why we want to break birds at the 2/3rds to center stake point.

          I’m really getting hooked on sporting clays now. Already formulating a plan for a future (or multiple) episodes on the subject and going up to the Western US Open tomorrow to watch the action….no I’m not competing. 🙂

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