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Episode 83 – Sighting In Your Gun for Competition

Rick takes us back to the range for a long overdue episode about sighting in your gun for competition. Before heading out to shoot your match, you have to make sure that you gun is sighted in correctly for the distances that you'll be shooting at which is common for practical pistol competitions. Rick talks about the different types of sights that you'll find and how to sight them in correctly.

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  1. Thanks Rick, that was one of the most useful videos you guys have done so far! I dig your semi-technical approach to these things — I’m a “close enough” kind of shooter myself.

  2. Rick: Great show, as a new IDPA shooter your videos have been a wealth of information. Thanks to you for all your effort.

    • Thanks for the comments. It makes us happy when we have an idea for an episode that we think will help . . . and it does!

  3. Great show! Super informative.

  4. Awesome, thank you.

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