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Episode 82 – Single Stage Shotshell Reloading

Steve goes solo this week and shows all of us reloading/handloading fans how he reloads shotshells. Steve is using a MEC Sizemaster and as you can see, he's pretty proficient with it.

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  1. Nice video Steve!

    You’ve validated my impression that I was right starting with a 366, while the Mec is a capable machine I’d have gone bat crap crazy loading like that. I think if you take the plunge you’ll kick yourself for not going progressive sooner…

    When you get your Hornady, Ballistic Products makes an adapter so you can use all your Mec powder gauges in the 366, I bought a complete set of Mec powder dies since there are gaps in Hornady’s product line. So that’s one thing you won’t have to buy extra.

  2. Thanks for the kind words John. I have a feeling this maybe one of those “when…not if” deals regarding the 366. I’m really looking forward to the episode JohnL is putting together highlighting reloading on his 366 so I can see it in action. Maybe I’ll buy myself a Christmas present 🙂 I did 8 boxes tonight on the MEC and that was enough. I was looking forward to being done.

  3. Steve; can you post a link to the publication by Curly Nohair. I have searched the Shotgun World reloading forum and can not locate it. I see numerous post by Curly, but not the press set-up document.


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