PowerFactor Show

Episode 79 : Interview with Chris Hodgdon

This week, Rick and Steve sit down in front of a computer and with the magic of Microsoft's Skype, talk to Chris Hodgdon of Hodgdon Powders. They talk about the fascinating company's history, reloading, (or like Rick would say, handloading), and generally shoot the breeze.


Hodgdon Reloading Center : http://data.hodgdon.com


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  1. This was a great episode. I really enjoyed it. Do you plan, or have you ever done a show on systematically testing reloads to find the “secret sauce”? I’m very interested in hearing about how others go about doing this, especially without the use of a chronograph.

    • Andrew – I’ll admit to using nothing but a chronograph and load manual(s) when developing my competition loads. It could be fun to look for a magic bullet/powder combo that has sufficient power and best accuracy, and that is often the whole point of “load development”; finding the best combo. I generally put low cost ahead of eking-out the best possible accuracy, so use a fast-burning powder that doesn’t allow for a lot of fiddling; if I subtract a tenth of a grain I won’t make power factor, and if I add a tenth I’ll be over recommended max.


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