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Episode 78 – Shotshell Reloading Components

John and Steve continue on their Shotshell Reloading discussion and dive into the details of the individual components required for reloading shotshells. They talk about hulls, primers, wads, powder, shot and crimping.

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  1. Great video guys. Steve, just buy the 366. Don’t mess with the Dillon, their metallics are great but just not there for shotshell reloading. The only downside to progressive is forgetting to shut off the powder or shot and having to disassemble to clean up a mess, but that’s an easy habit to instill.

    Also, pick up one of the Lee shell stacker trays, makes boxing a piece of cake!

  2. any comment on Cheddite hulls? How about paper vs. plastic hulls? What is a fiber/cork(?) wad used for?

    • Maybe John knows the answers to some of the questions. I’ve been reloading shotshells for a long time (since the early 70) but even then plastic wads were being used. Cheddite hulls are known as Eurotrash and might be good for one reloading. I once asked John why Federal still offered paper bulls and he said because they smell good.


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