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Episode 75 – Benefits of Professional Training

Ever since the show started, Steve, Rick and Caleb have been talking about how training is essential to improving ones skill. This week, they discuss what the benefits are to seeking professional training, either for self defense, for competition or just for fun. What was your experience?

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  1. +1 John Holschen’s teaching skills. I stalk this guy now, I am on the waiting list for anything he will teach. Thee are so few teachers in this area of instruction of his caliber – when you find one, drink deep.

  2. Hey Guy, I just started shooting IDPA about 3 month ago. Your videos have been a great help. I am a part time gunsmith and full time cop. I have been teaching firearms since 1998. The last couple of years I began instructing conceal carry classes not for CCP but the equipment, accessing equipment, movement… so IDPA seems to be a good training/practice tool. At the beginning of this year a new indoor range openned in my area and they have IDPA matches weekly. I pitched a training class to the manager of the range that would teach conceal carry techniques and would be a preparation class for a person wanting to shoot IDPA. It is an 8 hour class broke into 2 4 hour blocks. The first class had 5 people and 3 out of the 5 joined IDPA. I’m sure this is not the first range/IDPA clubs to offer this but I can see it is a great way to bring in new members.

    Thanks for the training info you provide on your show.

    Richmond, VA

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