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Episode 70 – Speed vs Accuracy

Another hot topic that's been discussed forever is Speed vs Accuracy. Which do you focus on? Speed first or Accuracy? Steve and Rick discuss this in detail.Feel free to leave us a comment about your thoughts as well.

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  1. I heard Caleb was tossed into jail for “Attempted Indecent Exposure.”

    Great show, guys. As always.

  2. Being a newb, I go pretty damn slow, if for no other reason than- to make sure I don’t screw up and do something unsafe.

    Great vid, as usual!

  3. I heard Caleb ran into a little trouble with some ladies down in Columbia. Hopefully, I didn’t just blow his cover.

  4. I heard more, that charges against Caleb for “Attempted Indecent Exposure” were dismissed, because there was no evidence that would “stand up in court.”

    Anyhow, that’s what I heard….

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