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Episode 69 : Bullets

Steve is back in the studios with Rick this week and they're talking about bullets. Not loaded or factory ammo, just bullets. They cover the different types of bullets that are primarily used in competition shooting, such as Lead, Moly Coated, Plated and Jacketed. They'll also talk about the benefits/drawbacks and recommendations.

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  1. The rules state finger out while reloading, clearing a malfunction, or changing shooting positions (not including shooting on the move). When the gun is pointed at a target finger in trigger guard is legal. Someone started this discussion on Brianenos.com after watching your episode. I cheated.

  2. You gentlemen need to give Berry’s a try again. I have shot those bullets into the side of a mountain and they didn’t deform, nor did the jacket even try to rip off. Berry’s is a better product than most plated bullets out there.

    • aring – Even the best-performing plated bullet probably won’t be attractive enough to get me to switch from my favorite black bullets; I have no complaints with the latter, and they’re priced about 60% of what Barrys cost.


      • Rick,
        Take a look at X-Tream ‘plated’ bullets. MUCH harder plating (so much, you use standard reloading tables and not lead), and their prices are as good as your black bullets. Just a thought…

        • Dan – Those are good prices. All these helpful suggestions give me the feeling that everyone who’s using plated or jacketed bullets believes that everyone who isn’t, is somehow in denial, and wishing they could! I’m not looking for a reason to stop using black bullets! But, if and when I next need a copper-colored bullet, I’ll consider X-treem.


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