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Episode 64 : Shotgun Games

Steve, John and Jay are back to walk you through the different types of popular shotgun games. Covering games such as Trap and it's variants, Skeet, Five Stand and Sporting Clays.

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  1. Guys, I love the show. Steve and Rick make a great pair with their USPSA/IDPA experience. The shotgun stuff should really be broken off into a separate thing IMO. Not that its not good info, but its not what I come here for.

    If you want to talk about shotguns, I’d love to hear/learn more about 3gun in both IDPA and USPSA.

    Eric Callis

    • Thanks for your feedback Eric! We will definitely cover more USPSA and IDPA videos. Checkout this week’s episode!

  2. Eric…I’m sorry your not enjoying the shotgun sports stuff but the one nice thing about choice…is that you can skip those episodes if your not really interested in them. There are a group of viewers that seem to like this information (based on feedback). We’re trying to diversify the program and this is just part of that diversification.

    There are many pod/vod casts that I subscribe to..but that doesn’t mean I listen/watch all of them. If the subject matter doesn’t interest me…I’ll skip that episode. I don’t think my interest or lack of interest in certain subject matters should influence those programs or other subscribers.

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