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Episode 61 – Introduction to the Shotgun Sports (Part One)

We've been getting a lot of requests for covering other shooting sports so we sent Steve out on the road to start a new series for clay sport aficionados. This week, we start our new series on shotgun sports, together with two experts, John Larson (who you've seen before on our show) and Jay Burleson who's the Range Master at the Renton Fish & Game Club (http://www.rfgc.org) here in Washington State.

In this episode, they introduce the guns related to most of the popular shotgun sports, how you can get started, and what kinds of things to look out for. This is Part One.

Hope you enjoy the series. As again, please give us feedback via our email powerfactorshow@gmail.com.


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  1. Here is a link to the article I mentioned by Gil and Vickie Ash regarding shotgun pattern analysis:


    • That is the most interesting gun related article I have read in a long time. Great link! Great video also. Not sure what you would call my skeet gun since the $600-$700 are the cheap and crappy ones :). I use a Stoeger Condor that I got at a sporting goods store for $300. It certainly has its short falls but I can’t say I am a great shotgun shooter so it does me well…for now.

  2. Hi Thomas…well since my heritage is German…I tend to be “opinionated”….and if you’ve watched many episodes..you’ve probably already noticed! 🙂

    Generally speaking (and it is very GENERAL)…you get what you pay for with O/U (or SXS). As Jay pointed out, the extra costs in double barrel guns is for fitting of the monobloc to the receiver and regulating barrels. I haven’t seen “bargain” guns hold up well to the rigors of weekly shooting on the skeet/trap fields…but there are always exceptions.

    I would highly encourage you to go check out many of Gil’s video’s he has on his webpage….they are EXTREMELY informative. I hope to maybe take a class from him someday. His books are excellent and I hear his classes are too.

    • I agree 100% Steve. At this point I just don’t shoot enough shotgun to buy something nicer. It breaks birds when I do my job right, that’s all I ask for right now. If I shot weekly or even monthly I would upgrade.

      Looking forward to future episodes. I have never done sporting clays, so hopefully something is lined up on that! You should tell Rick and Caleb to make some episodes and then you wouldn’t have to release them on JUST Mondays 🙂

      • If it breaks birds..thats all you should ask for right now…if it starts breaking…then it might be time to look for something a bit more sturdy.

        We try and release one episode a week. Rick/Caleb will probably be covering the “action sports” from here out and I’ll try and cover shotgunning with John/Jay and Will (however I might show up from time to time on the action pistol episodes).

        The intent of the shotgunning episodes is not to make experts out of everyone (because were just not that good! 🙂 ) but rather to educate and inform the enthusiast/casual shooter who normally wouldn’t otherwise seek out information. Basically, we do the research so you don’t have to..and hopefully can convey that information so it helps the average shotgunner and improve on their shooting performance.

        • I found your show searching for SCSA information. It was the show Caleb did by himself. I knew of Caleb from his podcasts before Top Shot and he used to live in Indiana, where I live.

          Then I started watching more episodes and the information and content in all of your episodes is second to none. I am only shooting local steel matches right now. But I plan on shooting IDPA and maybe USPSA after October (State SCSA match). Until then Ill keep learning from you guys.

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