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Episode 60 – IDPA Rules Revisions

This week's topic is a deep dive into the Rules Revisions that IDPA has made and is going to make. Since Rick is the resident master of IDPA rules and interpretations, he'll fly solo again this episode, talk about the rule changes, and suggest new rule amendments that IDPA should take into consideration.

If you know anyone in the IDPA organization or the Tiger Team, please let them know.

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  1. Don’t move striker fired guns to ESP. Create a new division. Split SSP into striker fired and DA/SA hammer fired divisions.

    • If guns in SSP were required to be stock, we might not have to worry about it. As time passes, what’s allowed in SSP makes the guns less and less stock, and more like what’s already in ESP.

  2. When you talking about gun modifications that are illegal, but legal if they come on a production gun. Does this include something like adjustable sights on a XD(m) 5.25?

    • Thomas – I was talking about stock guns being ILLEGAL if they have the same features as those banned as modifications. As an example, if the rules say you can’t drill holes in a slide to lighten it, a gun that comes from the factory with holes drilled in it would also be illegal.
      Sights are pretty-much open to modification, as long as you stick to conventional post-and-notch styles. You can change fixed sights for adjustable, plain black sights for night sights, etc.


      • Ah, I see. As you can tell I am not up on all the current IDPA rules. I have been concentrating on shooting local steel matches to sharpen the shooting skills and focus on shooting one sport at a time. And the whole ammo cost money thing. Thanks for clearing that up and keep up the good work. You guys are very informative!

  3. Full length dust covers. The rule allows them for some guns (polymer) but not for others. I understand the desire to prevent an equipment race, but there are useful defensive pistols that have this feature. Les Baer and STi both make 1911s that I can carry but can’t compete with in IDPA. (Or afford, unfortunately, but I can dream) Was this a competition specific feature when the rules were drafted? I think if a gun fits in the box and makes weight we should allow it. The extra weight of the dust cover would have to be offset by a reduction elsewhere so any performance advantage would be minimal to non-existant.

    And I really appreciate The Power Factor show and the time and effort you gentlemen put into it. It’s a valuable resource.

    • Paul – When the rule book was written, in the mid-’90s, I doubt there were many handguns on the market with a rail of any kind. As you note, rails then became something of an exotic option, that while not a competition-oriented feature, could be used to competitive advantage by adding weight where most people like it for recoil control. There really are very few rail-equipped guns on the market that are not legal for IDPA use, and those generally are too heavy, rather than there being an issue with the rail itself. I’m hoping the new rule book will remove most or all of the bans on specific weight-changing features, and just allow any gun that makes weight and fits in the box.


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