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Episode 59 – Rick’s Match Reviews

Rick drives solo this week and reviews his shooting performance from a previous few matches. He goes into detail how he shot it, what went right and more importantly, what didn't go so well.

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  1. I’ve noticed a few things, after watching the show. On the first stage, I comment that the mag sticks in the gun on a reload; it should have locked-back, as I’d fired nine rounds. Since I number my mags, I know that was #2, and can now take a look at that mag to see if there’s damage, or some other issue.
    When I holster my revolver, you see that I can get only the muzzle in before I have to pry it open to get the cylinder to pass; I commented on that in one of the first “gear” episodes, so it’s probably time to get a new holster for the revo; definitely don’t want my hand around the muzzle or cylinder gap.
    It’s interesting that in both of the “memory” stages, when I miss a plate I start moving, as if I’m trying to make up for the time lost on the make-up shots by moving toward the next shooting position. When I was shooting Single Stack the gun ran dry, forcing me to stop and do a reload when/where I hadn’t planned it, but when shooting Limited I could fire three or four shots at the plate with no penalty other than the time required to take the additional shots, and moving to the next position while doing so minimized the time penalty. Either way, one shot/one kill is a better policy.

  2. Great job of holding down the fort Rick! Really enjoyed the episode … However I will say that ever since I started shotgun sports, I don’t miss action pistol one bit. Someday we need to get you out to the skeet range with your tactical shotgun. 🙂

  3. I have shot a round of skeet with my trench gun, and think I hit two birds. Next time, I’ll try it with bayonet mounted; might improve my follow-through?

    • The first time I tried shooting Skeet (down at Interlake)…I think I hit two birds and was so frustrated with it, I vowed never to do that again….last year, I broke that rule. If you don’t get them in the air…you can always bayonet them on the ground! 🙂

  4. During next winter layoff, keep up skills with airguns.
    The competition will be amazed and jealous.
    And kudos for not shooting the prop car.
    Thanks, once again, for a fine episode.

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