PowerFactor Show

Episode 55 – Local Rules

USPSA and IDPA are largely governing bodies for the sport and the rules are laid out to ensure consistency across all participants and clubs. There are times when there are requests by local ranges/clubs to modify the rules or institute local criteria as these are usually safety related. Clubs do this because they don't want to risk losing their operating licenses. This week Steve, Rick and Caleb sit down to talk about this slightly heated topic that has got everybody in the local community up in arms.

Also, by popular request, we're accepting Course Designs and Courses of Fire videos from anyone for us to review/critique/advise. Please send them in to powerfactorshow@gmail.com

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  1. Re: danger in double-tapping rearward-falling steel: 230gr major is actually about 720fps. 768fps stuck in my head because when I was shooting 230s, major power factor was 175 rather than the current 165.

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