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Episode 54 – Gunsmithing with JPL (1911 Disassembly/Assembly)

Happy New Year everyone!

This episode, we watch as John from JPL Precision (http://www.jplprecision.com) walk us through the dis-assembly and reassembly of a 1911 pistol. John also shows us what to look for when inspecting a 1911 for wear and tear. He gives us inside industry knowledge that will be very useful for any 1911 owner.

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  1. Almost a good show. Certainly a good idea, but difficuld and hard to pull off in a real shop shooting over the instructors shoulder with only limited lighting and one camera. Whether it is Larry Potterfield of Midway or the original – Julia Childs, the best how-to’s are done on a set. I read that Julia used to film each episode three times with different angles and close-ups in order to get one 30 minute show. In this episode I often couldn’t quite make out the small bits and pieces that John was working on because of camera angle and lighting. Some of the bits and pieces needed a really high def close up.

    I couldn’t help but notice that John didn’t lay out the exact tools that he needed for the task. While it might not be necessary to lay everything out beforehand in real life, it would make a smoother presentation. Also, a small tin for parts works at the bench, but doesn’t make it easy to find when your ready to reassemble on camera. May I suggest an elongated, compartmented tray will allow you to spread the parts out so they can be located more quickly.

    I apologize for being critical, but it is well intended and I hope you will continue with the “how-to” segments and I look forward to continued improvement, just as you’ve done in the rest of the episodes.

    • Well don’t have to apologize! Thank you for the feedback. Any feedback, good or bad is welcome. Especially constructive bad ones. How else are we to improve? We did think about re-positioning the camera closer or use a second one but we had to rush that night. We will definitely strive to do that the next time.

      Thank you for watching!

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