PowerFactor Show

Episode 47 – Polymer Guns

Rick really doesn't want to be in this weeks episode but Caleb managed to bribe him to sit down and chat about plastic fantastic. The most popular type of firearm for tactical, competitive and self defense use.



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  1. No mention on the Beretta PX4 series? I’m intrested in buying one for carry and figured I’d shoot an IDPA match here and there with it instead of my man gun, a Kimber Custom Stainless TLE II.

  2. Great episode idea. Also, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for getting a different “Gun Right Radio” recording up front. The old one was terribly annoying :).

  3. Can’t buy a reliable 1911 for competition for under $3K? You’re on crack! I have several that run like sewing machines for well under that price. My current is a $600 Springfield Loaded.

  4. i have a Taurus 24/7/PT Pro 45 ACP is it legal for Production division?

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