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Episode 46 – BUG for IDPA

BUG or Back Up Gun is a small division that has been established by IDPA to allow competitors to use their backup guns in IDPA. Rick and Caleb spends the next half hour talking about the rules, equipment and guns that can be used.

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  1. Just wondering if Caleb could elaborate on why he thinks that the producer is a mad man for carrying that Kimber Ultra CDP Elite II. Just seems kind of odd. If its a question of caliber in such a small package, then thats just a preference thing and what caliber you can handle. If its a size thing, then it a little odd that Caleb’s Ruger SR9 compact is roughly the same size. That Ruger is just a cut-down version of the full sized version, just as that Kimber is just a cut down version of a full sized 1911.

    • Britt,

      Thanks for watching! I’m of the opinion that any of the “new” Kimbers are pretty much useless as carry guns, since their quality control is spotty at best. The last time I saw one of those 3-inch Kimbers in action was during a defensive handgun class where the gun spent more time failing to extract than it did actually putting rounds down range. I also don’t buy in to the myth that a .45 is more effective than a 9mm, so guns like the Kimber Ultra are just giving up capacity on guns like the Ruger SR9c.

      It’s definitely not a matter of size, I actually think the size of the Kimber is about perfect for a gun that people will actually carry, but I myself wouldn’t be my life on a Kimber.

      Thanks again!


  2. Thanks for replying Caleb. And thanks for that explaination. I also don’t by the hype about the .45 ACP, especially with the modern bullets that are available today. My carry guns are all 9mm, so I understand the capacity issue too.

    Again, Thanks.

    – Britt

  3. The hype about the .45 ACP? I’d say the hype involves persuading people that a .36″ bullet that might expand, is as good as a bullet that’s already .45″ in diameter, as long as you have lots of the former.


  4. What’s that old .380 rich was showing? He never actually identified it.

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