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Episode 42 – Safariland Gear Review

Steve is back from his vacation in Spain and sits down with Rick to talk about the awesome gear that Safariland provided us with. Rick talks about his experience using the Safariland 567 holster and duty belt while Steve discusses how he made the excellent Safariland 013 Race holster work for him.

Show notes :

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  1. The rule for USPSA Single Stack re: the height of the gun relative to the belt, is that the front strap must be above the top of the belt. For the other divisions, the backstrap cannot be below the bottom of the belt.

  2. ….for the other USPSA divisions, the butt of the gun or backstrap can not be below the TOP of the belt. Rule

  3. Well, see, there you go. I remember questioning the postioning of somebody’s gun a couple of weeks ago, looking-up the rule, but then still not getting it right on the above post.


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