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Episode 40 – IDPA Divisions : Enhanced Service Pistol Division (ESP)

Back in the studio with Rick and Caleb to talk about the catch all of IDPA divisions, the Enhanced Service Pistol (ESP) division. Here them talk about the rules, equipment and allure of this quirky division.

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  1. One thing that we didn’t cover in this episode in enough detail, was the rule that allows any gun that’s legal for SSP and CDP to compete in ESP. Like CDP, full-length dust covers are not allowed on metal-framed guns in ESP, but full-length dust covers are allowed in SSP. So, if you have a gun with full-length dustcover that is legal for SSP, it’s also legal for ESP!!!! This rule generally comes into play with the CZ SP-01, which has a light rail on the frame that extends to the muzzle. With a bit of work on parts selection, including mags and grips, you can get the SP-01 down to the SSP weight limit, allowing it to be shot in ESP. This is really important only if you want to shoot your CZ cocked ‘n’ locked, as if you want to start hammer-down you can shoot it in SSP.

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