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Episode 31 – Double Tap Championships Review Stages 1-4

This week, Steve and Rick breaks down stages one to four of the Double Tap Championships 2011 and talk about how they shot it, what went right and what went wrong.

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  1. Great Show! I really like these stage break downs.

    Steve, you mention that you typically run stages left to right as a right handed shooter, the reason being for safety. I’ve had input at local matches where right handed shooters have suggested running right to left as it makes for quicker reloads given that you’re already twisted to, or moving toward, your left side.

    Can you elaborate on your position?


  2. Hi Kyle. Good question…I’ll make it two questions. Lets make the two questions shooting and reloading.

    Shooting: When you shoot on the move, you direct your hips in the direction you want to move. Set up a row of 5 targets or so across the back of the berm and start on the left and shoot them on the move going to the right and move at a pace slightly faster than you can shoot the targets. Your hips are pointed in the direction you want to go (the right) but your shoulders are pointed towared the back of the berm and as you move further to the right…you eventually are shooting toward the left…but this is OK because your stance changes somewhat from Isoceles to Weaver but you don’t get twisted up. Now do the same thing but start on the right and move to the left again at a pace faster than you can shoot targets. Your hips are pointed to the left but at some point you’re going to hit the maximum amount of travel with your upper body and you’re going to have to change from stepping forward…to reversing and walking backwards. So for a right handed shooter, its always easier and faster to go left to right.

    Reloading: When a right handed shooter reloads, they bring the gun back toward their body and the gun cants toward the left across their chest. If you’re reloading going to the right (such that your hips and upper body are directed in the same direction…to the right)…then the muzzle of the gun will now be pointed across your chest…for the most part down range. Ok, now lets reverse that. Starting on the right and going to the left. You’re hips are pointed in the direction you want to go..and so is you’re upper body…but remember when you reload, you naturally cant the gun to the left and in this case, it would easily break the 180 (line perpendicula to the back of the berm). To protect this from happening, a right handed shooter has to twist their upper body so their chest is pointed toward the back berm, while their hips are pointed to the left in the direction their traveling…and that twists up the shooter and is a very unnatural way to reload.

    So you can see that from the above points, its easier to shoot left to right and safer to reload left to right for a right handed shooter.

    Hope that helps!


  3. Steve,

    Thanks for the detailed answer, it makes perfect sense.

    Oh, and the sound is 110% better!

    Thanks Again!

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