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Episode 29 – Double Tap Championship Review & Giveaway

*Our apologies for missing last week's episode*

Steve and Rick just got back from the 2011 Double Tap Championships in Wichita Falls, TX and gives us an overview of what happened at the match and how they performed. We also introduce our new sponsor, Safariland. Makers of fine Duty, Competition and concealment products for your shooting needs.

Remember to stay till the end for a giveaway opportunity!

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  1. Just got around to listening to this one and you’re right, even for a Texan like me, the heat was bad! I’m a little more used to it, but as you know, I didn’t shoot my best either and got dehydrated. Hey Rick, get a Glock and get rid of those crazy gun problems, you too Steve! 🙂 Bob Mayne, HandgunWorld Show

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