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Episode 26 – USPSA Hit Factor & Scoring

Steve and Rick dives deep into calculating Hit Factors for USPSA.  How they're calculated, how to factor them into your scores and discuss the finer points of using it to your advantage. Rick also gives us one of his "A" Tips about shooting guns with magazine disconnectors.

Shownotes :

Tre Gumbas Stage


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  1. I am a relatively new pistol shooter, have listened to most of the podcasts, and really have enjoyed them. This subject is probably worth a revisit at some point in time. Your explanations were very good but some of us will need time to see how we can apply it to our decision making process. For example, I just received my first classification (C) and have a lot of things to clean up. Keep up the great work! I look forward to the next podcast.

  2. RE: Fixed time. Shooter’s points are just points – penalties. This is not divided by time. Additionally, points earned for that stage that is put towards match results is the same number. (No refactoring happens where the winner gets all the stage points)

    I just finished re-reading last night because I was writing a program to compute the series results, and I wanted to make sure I got results that match EzWinScore.