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Episode 24 – Handloading Part Two

This is the 2nd part of the Handloading series where Steve and Rick discuss and demonstrate the steps involved in handloading ammunition.

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  1. Wow. You guys are way more about cleaning your brass than I am. I’m sure we don’t see nearly as much mud in the the Northeast. I generally sort out my brass using plastic sorting trays which also shakes most of the sand/dirt free. I then dump my brass into the tumbler with 50/50% mix of corncob and walnut, and a used dryer sheet stuck over the center stud that holds the top on. I let the brass tumble in my garage overnight.

    I prefer to lube by brass even with carbide dies. I use a little bit of lanolin on my hands then run my hands through the clean brass. After the rounds are loaded I tumble them again for about 15 minutes to remove the lanolin. The second polish also removes any dull scratch from the dies and makes for some nice purdy rounds. The rounds look so nice no one ever notices that I can’t hit anything.

  2. I’ve had problems leaving powder in the powder dispenser on machines overnight – the charge in the powder bar actually solidified into one big chuck and the machine (Dillon) would not throw an accurate charge. Totally my fault. It was also probably more than several nights. I never leave powder out in the powder measures any longer – I always put it back into the original container for storage until next time.

    • Steve – I’ve never had that problem, but do throw eight or ten charges prior to a loading session, to “warm up” the press and make sure everything is running smoothly.


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