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Episode 22 – .22 Conversions

Everyone knows that the price of ammo has soared to an all time high and it's getting a lot more expensive to train using live ammo. One great way for practicing live fire on the cheap, is with .22 rimfire  ammo. This week, Steve and Rick discuss options and benefits of training using .22 conversions.

Show Notes:

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  1. LOL!

    Rick: Do you shoot with your eyes shut?
    Steve: Sometimes.

  2. In my experience, there is some value to multiple rounds per target practice with a conversion kit. If you can’t shoot fast splits with a .22, you won’t be able to with full-power ammo – and it’s a much less expensive way to isolate the limits of your ability to manipulate the trigger.

  3. Thank you for the tips on using the 22 conversion kit! My wife is getting me a Nighthawk Custom conversion kit created by Bob Marvel for my Nighthawk Custom GRP Reacon. Do you guys think it’s a good buy? …Or should I wait for the Pro Custom II that Bob Marvel is making to sell at his own shop?

  4. The Marvel conversions appear to be well made and accurate, though I have only seen them shot by others. American Handgunner magazine did a pretty thorough review of the .22 conversions on the market, a few months ago, and you might see if you can find it online.