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Episode 21 – Gun Selection : Limited / Limited 10

Steve and Rick talk about one of their favorite divisions in USPSA as they cut their teeth in this division when they started shooting a decade ago. They go into detail the kind of guns you'll find in this division, and lots of background information about this very popular division.

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  1. Great show, guys! I’ve watched every gun episode you guys have done and found it very helpful. Do you think you guys will ever do a show on the best production race guns you can buy in CA and other limited states? Right now, I’m looking at the CZ Tactical Sport and the SigSauer X5. What do you guys thing?

  2. I don’t keep track of the approved list of California and other states that place similar limitations on their citizens. That said, in competitive divisions that allow only ten rounds per mag, the guns should be the same in California as elsewhere, so get the one you like. Steve and I traveled to the DTC match with a friend who shot a SIG X5. Though it worked very well for him, he said there are (design) issues with the extractor, and that it can be a very delicate balance between running well, and having a short stainless club. We’ll see if we can get him, or his gun, on a future show.