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Episode 25 – Handloading Part Three

Final part of the Handloading series where Steve and Rick talk about reloading/handloading ammo for competition. In this episode, they talk about testing and confirming your handloaded ammunition with a chronograph.

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Episode 24 – Handloading Part Two

This is the 2nd part of the Handloading series where Steve and Rick discuss and demonstrate the steps involved in handloading ammunition.


Episode 23 – Handloading Part One

Reloading is essential to keeping cost down if you're serious about shooting competitively. Steve and Rick will spend the next three episodes talking about the benefits of reloading, how to reload and how to test your handloads using a chronograph.


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Episode 22 – .22 Conversions

Everyone knows that the price of ammo has soared to an all time high and it's getting a lot more expensive to train using live ammo. One great way for practicing live fire on the cheap, is with .22 rimfire  ammo. This week, Steve and Rick discuss options and benefits of training using .22 conversions.

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Episode 21 – Gun Selection : Limited / Limited 10

Steve and Rick talk about one of their favorite divisions in USPSA as they cut their teeth in this division when they started shooting a decade ago. They go into detail the kind of guns you'll find in this division, and lots of background information about this very popular division.