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Episode 19 – Gun Modifications

This week Steve and Rick dive into detail, the kind of modifications that they have on their guns and what's popular in the world of competitive pistol shooting.

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  1. What are the common modifications made to guns used in USPSA Production division and why might you make these mods?


  2. Hi Kyle…typically you’re going to see changes to sights….cleaning up of the trigger group surfaces (i.e minor polishing) and perhaps changing of internal springs….and thats probably about it.

    Changes to springs can result in lighter trigger pull or changes to the way the gun feels during recoil. Cleaning up of the trigger surfaces can eliminate creep and make for a smoother trigger. Sight changes will improve your sight picture and make target acquisition easier while providing a more refined picture.

  3. Hey guys,
    at @ 37:50 you talked about the mag funnel on your SS gun, I am just getting back into USPSA and have picked up my first 1911 that I am using in SS. I was just curious as to who makes a legal magwell for SS? Thanks guys keep up the good work.


    • Eric – Just about any magwell funnel on the market that fits on a single stack 1911 is going to be legal for Single Stack division. The magwell that I showed when comparing the single stack to the hi-cap limited gun, commenting that the openings are 3/4″ and 1.5″ respectively, is a Techwell, and while I don’t know that it is any better than the wells from Wilson Combat, Dawson, Ed Brown, S&A, et al., the Techwell is as wide as will fit in “the box”, and I can’t believe there’s a well that any wider. I like the S&A for its versatility and ease of installation, and I’d bet there are more S&As in use than any other brand.