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Episode 13 – Dry Fire Practice

Dry fire is an essential practice technique that will enhance your shooting ability very quickly. It allows you to practice trigger control, sight alignment, transitions and movements without having to spend time on the range. It is also, a very cost effective way to get better at your shooting sport.

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  1. I really enjoyed these two episodes pertaining to Dry Fire practice. Steve, I was very thankful to learn of your trick for manipulating the battery on the Glock pistols, since they are all I own and shoot. For years, my dry fire practice has always been racking the slide for subsequent shots on target and then re-racking for transitions to other targets. Nobody ever told me or taught me about your trick. Much easier to continue the rhythm of following through when practicing a single stage, scenario, and incorporating movement while maintaining good sight picture.

    Just another reason I am glad I found your videos. Love the show!

    • Glad you found the technique helpful with your Glock…while its not perfect, it does allow for trigger manipulation while working on all the other aspects of dryfire like you noted. Its easy to “install” and easy to remove and costs nothing. The dedicated dryfire conversion kits require disassembling the gun and from what I’ve heard, are prone to breakage.