PowerFactor Show

Episode 10 – Gun Selection : Production / SSP

Picking a gun from a wide array of available options for competition can be daunting, especially in a division that is as diverse as USPSA Production and IDPA Stock Service Pistol (SSP). Steve and Rick talks guns and delves into some of the popular guns that are being used today.

A Special Thanks to our friends Emanp223 and TJ for loaning us their Production guns.

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  1. A couple of “post editing” corrections to be noted:

    1) In USPSA Production Division, the start position is hammer down and if there is an external safety, it maybe applied.

    2) Stippling is allowed in USPSA Production (it is not allowed in IDPA SSP) Division as long as the stippling is confined to the location defined in Appendix E4 of the latest rule book found here: http://www.uspsa.org/rules/2010HandgunRulesProof3web.pdf