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Episode 07 – Reloads

This week, Steve and Rick head back to the range to demonstrate proper reloading techniques, covering topics such as slide-lock reloads, tactical reloads and reloads with retention.

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  1. Being a newcomer to IDPA I had alot of questions on techniques especially reloads. This episode answered all my questions. Particularly helpful is that Rick demonstrated the left handed techniques as I share the same left handed affliction. 🙂
    Power Factor has been a great find for me and gives me alot more confidence in my knowledge.
    Thanks guys!!

    • Keith – You’re our demographic! Thanks for the kind words, and keep watching. One thing that I didn’t really cover in the reloading episode, is that though there are “three legal reloads” in IDPA, the two retention reloads are not only interchangeable, in the sense that you can do one or the other, but they are all but indistinguishable, in the sense that the individual movements do not have to be performed in any particular sequence, as long as the depleted mag is stowed before you fire the LAST shot from the reload position.