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Episode 05 – Draw & Grip

In this episode, Steve and Rick goes to the range to demonstrate proper draw and grip techniques. They'll show you what are the common types of grips, what to avoid and benefits of one over the other. Rick being a leftie, will also cover proper grip technique for left handed shooters.

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  1. The Draw & Grip is a great video. I’m a C and SS class shooter. 2011 will be my 3rd year and I definitely benefit from reenforcing the basics. I am shooting a 1911 45ACP this year after 2 years with a Glock 17. Basically the grip draw is the same but I needed to go back and work the steps through again. Thanks for sharing this tutorial.

    • Ken, you’re most welcome. Glad you found the techniques useful. Let us know if there’s something you’d like to see on the show.