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Episode 04 – Divisions

In this week's episode, Steve & Rick discuss Divisions and how it differs between the two sports (USPSA & IDPA). A lot of shooters confused the term Class with Divisions and use it interchangeably. They'll go into each Division in detail covering divisions such as Open, Limited, Limited-10, Production, Revolver (for USPSA) and ESP, SSP, CDP, ESR, SSR (for IDPA).

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  1. I enjoyed the lasi episode on range bags but when do we get to hear about divisions? LOL! Enjoy your show! Keep up the good work.

  2. It’s not that I want to duplicate your internet site, but I really like the design. Could you tell me which theme are you using? Or was it tailor made?

  3. Was very good . I’m trying to attain power factor for 1911 single stack. What could I do to lighten up recoil, Im reloading?

  4. John – There’s not much you can do to reduce recoil, but you can alter the perception of the recoil – “sharp”, “soft”, “push”, etc. – by fiddling with bullet weights and powder burn rates. I tend to like bullets that are mid-range in weight for a given caliber (200gr .45, 130gr 9mm), boosted with fast-burning powders. Most people like the feel of a light-than-stock recoil spring; it doesn’t reduce recoil, but it reduces muzzle-flip, and that’s the part of recoil that usually causes the most trouble in getting quickly back on target. I use a 14# spring for major, but I know some shooters who are using 11# recoil springs.