PowerFactor Show

Episode 227 – Loading to the MAX 10mm Norma & 45 Super

Rick finally makes it to the range to round out his Loading to the MAX series of episodes. This week, Rick shoots the Norma 10mm rounds through his Colt Delta Elite and tests his 45 Super loads. To his surprise, one of them did not function as he expected it to.


Episode 226 – IDPA Backup Gun (BUG) Division & The Cammer Hammer

Rick discusses the adoption of the BUG Division as a full fledged division in IDPA and reviews a new kind of 1911 hammer designed to allow the slide of a 1911 to retract easier.


Episode 225 – ASI Matches & Compact Carry Pistol Division (CCP)

Rick introduces us to a new type of practical shooting match called ASI or Action Shooting International that is just starting up here in the Pacific Northwest. It's very similar to GSSF & IDPA and it's geared towards beginner shooters.

Rick also talks about the new IDPA Division called Compact Carry Pistol (CCP), the need for it and the types of equipment needed to shoot in this new division.


Episode 224 – Glock Sport Shooting Foundation (GSSF) Matches & More Trivia

Over the winter, Larry tried shooting the GSSF matches that were held nearby. In this episode, he shares his experiences and thoughts. Find out more here : http://gssfonline.com


Episode 223 – New Checkmate 1911 Magazines & Shooting with Contact Lenses

Rick goes solo and announces a brand new Checkmate 1911 8 round magazine. To close out on the extensive shooting with corrective glasses series of episodes, Rick talks about his experience shooting with contact lenses and his quest to optimize it.