PowerFactor Show

Episode 264 – IDPA Target Scoring & 40S&W Open Load Testing

Rick is back with an episode to supplement Larry's USPSA scoring by discussing how IDPA Safety Officers score targets. It is similar in a lot of ways but differ very much in principle. Also, in this episode, Larry gives us an update on his 40S&W Open load development and demonstrates his compensator effectiveness test.


Episode 262 – MEC 300E Sporter Trap Machine Review

Steve and Dave are back with a review of the MEC 300E Sporter trap machine. Their club has never used a MEC machine and in a previous episode, they asked if MEC were to watch the episode, to give them an opportunity to review it. Lo-and-behold, someone from MEC did contact them and sent them a unit. Here's the review and a side by side comparison with a Promatic trap machine.


Episode 261 – Larry’s “Shorty Forty” USPSA Open Pistol

Everyone should know by now that Larry's favorite caliber is 40S&W. It's all he shoots in USPSA and other pistol sports. He's shot USPSA in Limited, Production, Carry Optics and now Open. Larry has always wanted to build an Open Pistol and based his new build on his Carry Optics gun that he made a while back. He calls this gun, the "Shorty Forty".


Episode 260 – Happy Five Years!

Wow it's incredible. We made it to five years. That's 260 weekly episodes since we started the PowerFactor Show. Rick, Steve and Larry celebrate five years on camera talking about our ups, our downs and what the future holds for the show. We can't thank our fans, viewers, supporters and sponsors enough for allowing us to do this.

Let us know what you'd like us to cover on the show and send us your match videos so we can critique them on camera.


Episode 259 – Should We Get Rid of Limited 10?

With the change in the USPSA organization and the appointment of a new President, there has been a lot of chatter around how the sport is going to evolve when it comes to the divisions. There are many members who think that some divisions should be dropped because of lack of relevancy or participation, most notably Limited 10.

Steve, Larry and Rick are together this week to talk about Limited 10 and whether it should be dropped from USPSA... or not.