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Episode 236 – The Different Multigun Rules

Doug tackles a viewer question this week about the differences between the multigun/3gun disciplines. He talks about the similar considerations like safety and differences like scoring and equipment handling.




Episode 235 – Production Optics

No it's not a full legal division yet. USPSA is just thinking about it now and urging folks to beta test this concept. It's a proposal for a division that makes use of a red dot optic on carry/range guns which is becoming a pretty popular thing recently.

Larry is in a way very passionate about USPSA adopting this concept and discusses the advantages it could bring for the sport of practical pistol shooting. If you have any comments and feedback, discuss this with us on the comments section or on Facebook.


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Episode 234 – 3-Gun Shotgun Chokes & Patterning

Doug is back to talk about shotgun chokes and how you can use it to you advantage in the sport of 3-Gun. He also talks about the importance of patterning your shot so you know how your shotgun performs during a stage.


Episode 233 – New 2015 IDPA Backup Gun (BUG) Division Rules

In the continuing IDPA rules series, Rick goes over the new IDPA BUG Division rules with Doug. Rick describes what is a legal BUG gun and shows Doug which guns are legal and which are not.


Episode 232 – Modifications to a 45 Super Pistol & Davis Leather Belt Review

Rick flies solo again this week to respond to a viewer question about the modifications that he's done to his 45 super pistol. Rick also shows off his new Davis Leather Belt that he recently acquired.