PowerFactor Show

Episode 223 – New Checkmate 1911 Magazines & Shooting with Contact Lenses

Rick goes solo and announces a brand new Checkmate 1911 8 round magazine. To close out on the extensive shooting with corrective glasses series of episodes, Rick talks about his experience shooting with contact lenses and his quest to optimize it.



Episode 222 – Adjusting Your 1911 Trigger Overtravel Stop

Rick recently experienced a problem with his expensive 1911 sear and discovered that the issue was related to the trigger over-travel stop. In this episode Rick explains how he discovered this problem and offers some advice on how to avoid it in the future.


Episode 221 – Shotgun Viewer Questions & Rarely Seen Hi-Power Malfunction

Steve answers some questions from viewers about using Fiocchi Primers, Barrel Lengths and Switching shot weights.

Rick talks about a rarely seen malfunction he experienced with his Browning Hi-Power at a recent IDPA match.




Episode 220 – Shooting Glasses Review – Rudy, Randolph and Pilla

Steve, John and a new guest, Albert come on camera to put the final word on our series of shooting glasses. We've covered many varied topics from types of frames, brands, corrective lenses in the past and now they'll review three different brands of shooting glasses that they prefer.


Episode 219 – New IDPA Divisions & Box Dimensions

Rick goes solo and discusses the new IDPA Divisions, CCP and BUG. He also talks about the new IDPA box dimensions and shows off an innovative way of combining all the boxes into one.