PowerFactor Show

Episode 219 – New IDPA Divisions & Box Dimensions

Rick goes solo and discusses the new IDPA Divisions, CCP and BUG. He also talks about the new IDPA box dimensions and shows off an innovative way of combining all the boxes into one.


Episode 218 – More Viewer Questions – Shooting Vests, Gloves & Dillon SL900

Steve takes on some questions sent in by our fans and viewers. He answers questions about shooting vests, using gloves while shooting and his experience with the Dillon SL900 reloader.


Episode 217 – MOJO Pick Stick & Viewer Questions

Steve gives us a quick review of the MOJO Pick Stick and answers some questions that we've gotten from viewers. The MOJO Pick Stick is a telescoping magnetic rod for picking up shotshell hulls. You can find out more about the pick stick here : http://www.mojooutdoors.com/index.php/vendor-products-menu-item/product/235-mojo-pick-stick/category_pathway-124




Episode 216 – Comparing the Beretta A300 and A400 Xcel Shotguns

Steve and John compares the Beretta A300 and A400 Xcel semi-auto shotguns. They disassemble both guns and demonstrate the differences between the two product lines.




Episode 215 – Toys for Tots Match Review

Larry shot a charity match last month and comes on camera to show us his performance. The Toys for Tots match is organized by the Paul Bunyan Rifle Club and the stages were USPSA inspired as this is not an officially sanctioned USPSA match. It was all in good fun though and the club raised $1,511 for the charity thanks to all the shooters that came out that day.