PowerFactor Show

Episode 231 – New 2015 IDPA Cover & Reloading Rules

Finally IDPA has updated the controversial Cover and Reloading rules. It's a little complicated but Rick is here to walk you guys through what the rules are and how to make best use of it.


Episode 230 – Paul Bunyan USPSA Match Review & Controversial Trivia Question

Larry's favorite range is the Paul Bunyan Rifle Club down in Puyallup, WA. He went down to shoot their April match and brought his hatcam with him to record the event. Here's his recap / review, together with a controversial trivia :)


Episode 229 – Rick’s IDPA Compact Carry Pistol IDPA Gamer Gun

Shiny is the word I'd use to describe Rick's new gamer gun. When the new IDPA Compact Cary Pistol division rules finally got published, Rick started looking around for the gun that is best suited for this division. Looks like he found one that not only fits this division perfectly, it looks the part too.


Episode 228 – .40S&W Open Ammo Chrono Procedure

In his quest to build his Open Division pistol, Larry is working up a .40S&W load using Rainier Ballistics 135gr bullet and Hodgdon CFE Pistol Powder


Episode 227 – Loading to the MAX 10mm Norma & 45 Super

Rick finally makes it to the range to round out his Loading to the MAX series of episodes. This week, Rick shoots the Norma 10mm rounds through his Colt Delta Elite and tests his 45 Super loads. To his surprise, one of them did not function as he expected it to.