PowerFactor Show

Episode 257 – Another Carry Optics Update

Larry is back with another update about his adventure in the Carry Optics Division for USPSA. Here he talks about the latest modifications he's done to his gun and shows off some recent match videos.


Episode 256 – Larry’s Pet Peeve – USPSA Scoring & Overlays

Larry is starting a series of episodes to discuss his pet peeves with competition shooting. This week is about USPSA Scoring and how to use an overlay properly.


Episode 255 – To Reload, or Not To Reload

Steve tackles the much discussed and debated question about whether you should reload/handload your own ammo or buy retail. This discussion is skewed towards shotshell reloading for clay sports.


Episode 254 – Prize Table Stuff

Most of us has experienced this, we've paid good money to go shoot a big match, be it IDPA or a USPSA Level 2+ match and although had lots of fun, didn't place well in the match. We look forward to the prize table. In IDPA, the prizes are given randomly whereas in USPSA, the prizes are given depending on your final placement. We've all gotten lots of stuff, from bags, to muzzle brakes to certificate for bullets. Rick got to walk the prize table at the recent Washington State IDPA Championships and got a few things he'd like to share with us. A BCM Gunfighter charging handle, UnderTech Undercover holster shirt and a Calbico Channel Cleaning tool.


Episode 253 – Is it a Shooting Position or Not? (IDPA Stage Discussion)

Rick is back after a hiatus to dive into an interesting stage at the recent Washington State IDPA Championships. It was a slightly controversial stage with lots of shooting options. There was also discussion around what the best way the stage should be shot. Watch as Rick walks us through them and do let us know what you think.