PowerFactor Show

Episode 240 – Trijicon RMR Review for USPSA Open

Larry in his quest for his new .40 S&W Open gun has finally pulled the trigger on the Trijicon RMR as his sight. Here's his extensive review on how he decided on the Trijicon RMR and it's performance in the sunlight.


Episode 239 – IDPA Rules – Appearing / Surprised Targets

Rick continues his IDPA Rules series by talking about how the rules affect Appearing or Surprise targets. Let us know what you think about the rules by posting on the comments section or on facebook.


Episode 238 – Shooting 40 Open in USPSA

Larry as you know is a HUGE fan of the .40 S&W caliber. He shoots primarily in the Limited division with his Glock 40. Ever since he won a Glock certificate recently, he's decided to get back to shooting Open with the .40 S&W. He managed to borrow a friend's tricked out Glock/Caspian Hybrid Open gun and shot a match with it.


Episode 237 – Putting Your Gun On A Diet

Rick, on his quest to lighten his Detonics to make it legal for the new BUG division rules, discovered and learned many different ways you can try to lighten your gun. From guide rods, to mainspring housings and triggers, Rick shares his recent experience trying to get his Detonics to lose some weight.


Episode 236 – The Different Multigun Rules

Doug tackles a viewer question this week about the differences between the multigun/3gun disciplines. He talks about the similar considerations like safety and differences like scoring and equipment handling.