PowerFactor Show

Episode 270 – Indoor GSSF Match Review

During the winter off-season period, Larry typically participates in the Glock Sport Shooting Foundation matches or more commonly called GSSF. There are two types of GSSF matches, outdoor and indoor. This week, Larry talks about his experience shooting in an Indoor GSSF match and came away with plaque.


Episode 269 – USPSA Carry Optics Update #3

Larry is back to give us an update about his foray into the Carry Optics division. He's spend quite a lot of time in that division and shares some of his learnings and shows off his match videos.




Episode 268 – Interview with Chris Hodgdon 2016

We do this every year. We invite Chris Hodgdon from the Hodgdon powder company to give our fans an update about the state of handloading powders. Chris is kind enough to talk about some new products that will ship next year and give us some background info about how Clays is coming back on the market.


Episode 267 – Shooting Chandelle Targets & Tweaking the SL900 Shot Bar

Steve is back with two awesome tips with regards to the shotgun sports. First he'll teach you how to shoot the deceivingly difficult "Chandelle" targets and then, demonstrate how to tweak your Dillon SL900 shot bar to reduce shot spillage.


Episode 266 – Becoming an IDPA Safety Officer & Disassembing a 1911 Without Tools

Rick talks about the process of becoming an IDPA Safety Officer from the administrative point of view and demonstrates how one can disassemble a 1911 without using any tools.